International Art Park (IAP) is a very unique place for horse lovers, polo players, artist and for anyone looking to relax and step away from the busy life. Rancho de Florez is a dedicate site for people to come and enjoy polo either as players, visitors or students. The ranch is dedicated to promoting polo, equitation, and more horse related activities as well as arts, culture, and education with a focus on sports and land conservation.  Our goal is to preserve these valuable resources for current and future generations by creating educational programs to enrich our community and embrace diverse cultures from equestrian disciplines, polo players  to artists from around the world.

Rancho de Florez offers a full range of services for horses and their owners. Services offered include boarding in stalls, pasture, legging up (vareo), basic & advance horse training, polo lessons, riding lessons, pony rental for games and lesson as well as ponies for sale.

We want to get kids and adults to spend time on the outdoors by playing any sport and our particular case get involved with polo and horses. Also we have space to other outdoor activities like soccer, rugby, lacrosse and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

IAP offers residency programs for local, regional and international artists and fosters a creative and supportive environment. Artists are provided with unique opportunities to showcase their skills and collaborate with other emerging artists.